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By doing a little homework you can do a preliminary check of your dream boat while we work with you to provide an evaluation of the true condition of the boat you have in mind.

All boats for sale should have a detailed list outlining the boat's specifications and equipment. All yacht-brokered boats will provide one. If you're not using a broker, be certain the owner provides you with a written list of equipment noting dates along with descriptions of original and replaced equipment. Be certain you are aware of the equipment included and excluded in the sale. This list should be part of the purchase and sale agreement.

Make your own inspection and use all your senses remembering you are a guest of the boat's owner

  • Inspect the overall appearance of the boat. Does it look well maintained?
  • Use your nose. Do you smell mold, engine fuel, or stove fuel?
  • Look for cracks in the fiberglass and note location and appearance. Are they concentric indicating impact? Are they straight indicating stress?
  • Feel the hull, bulkheads, and decks for bumps, soft spots and possible fiberglass separation (called delamination).
  • If it is a wooden boat, look at the frames especially around the engine spaces for structural integrity and look at the boat's hull for exposed metal fasteners. These fasteners attach the planking to the frames. If rust is noted a more detailed inspection is in order.
  • Check all through-hulls. Be certain they are in good working order and note any presence of corrosion.

Commissioning a marine survey gives you the information you need to make an informed decision on a large investment and to provide you an evaluation of the true condition of the boat for you and your family's safety.

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